Queen In The Making! Kate Middleton, Reportedly, Has Acquired Over $2 Million Worth Of Jewelry From Her Majesty

Date August 9, 2019

The Queen is known for many things, especially for her breathtaking jewelry collection. The monarch has a treasure chest filled with the most exquisite pieces one could ever think of.

But Her Majesty is not Gollum’s relative and is happy to share her precious stones with other royal ladies. We often see Kate Middleton donning the Queen’s stunning jewelry which makes her look like a real princess.

But how much money the royal mom has already worn on herself?

Fancy Duchess

According to, Kate Middleton acquired over $2 million worth of jewelry which she borrowed from the Queen.

But what are the most memorable pieces? Of course, Kate’s wedding tiara is at the top of the list. Her Majesty landed Middleton the Cartier Halo tiara for her 2011 royal nuptials.

The pretty piece has a very reach history. It has been in the family since 1936. Prince William’s great-grandfather, King George VI, gifted it to his beautiful wife, Queen Elizabeth.

But Kate’s favorite jewelry piece, which is also believed to be adored by Princess Diana, is the famous Lover’s knot tiara. The Duchess had been seen donning the sparkling pearl heirloom on a number of occasions already and we are certain we will see it gracing her pretty head once more.

Even though Kate loves to wear the Queen’s jewelry, her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, is rarely seen sporting the borrowed sparkles.

It might be because the new mom wants to support smaller designers or the grandiose style of the Queen’s jewelry is not something she feels comfortable wearing.

However, she did choose a wedding headpiece for herself as well, just like other royal brides. Meghan borrowed Queen Mary's bandeau tiara, which perfectly completed her stunning dress.

Which is your favorite jewelry piece from the Queen’s collection?