Sussexes Can Lose It All: Lady Colin Says Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Actions Are “Public Relations Disaster"

Date September 10, 2019 10:20

Royal author Lady Colin Campbell says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s actions are "the public relations disaster" for the royal family. What could make the author claim so?

Royal disaster

Lady Colin Campbell is the popular author of several books about the royals. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are obviously Lady Colin’s ‘favorite’ royals as the writer keeps discussing the couple’s every misstep.

Lady Colin called the Sussexes’ actions within the previous year a real disaster and added that palace should finally do something about it.

She said:

The couple’s recent behavior is a public relations disaster for Buckingham Palace, who are having a hard time reining them in.

What’s her proof?

As a proof of her words, Campbell recalled a scandal with private jets surrounding the royal lovebirds. It all started when Harry and Meghan took their baby son Archie on vacation to Ibiza, and then to France. Both times, the royals used private planes.

According to Lady Colin, Harry’s comment that he just wanted “to make sure his family is safe” could not be an excuse for such a brutal defection of the Duke’s own strategy of saving the planet.

What’s about the climate change, ha? When royal eco-lecturers preach one thing in public and then do the opposite in private, they shouldn’t be surprised if they are dismissed as eco-hypocrites.

They don’t allow us to see baby Archie

Probably, the breaking point when Harry and Meghan ‘lost it’, according to Lady Campbell, was when the new parents didn’t allow to photograph their son during his christening.

The royal author even made a remark considering the royal baby’s skin as Meghan Markle is also of the mixed race.

Lady Colin said:

I’m very sorry the baby is not going to be black. It's gonna have black blood, but it's also going to have white blood. You can’t be seven-eights white and be called black.

However, Lady Colin was not the only one “to attack” the Sussexes for their ‘inappropriate public actions’. Duncan Larcombe, former editor of The Sun made fun of Harry’s words that he wants to have only 2 kids.

Larcombe made her point:

I was stunned by Harry’s stupid comments about only having two kids when his brother has three.

Is it just us or some people are ready to slam Harry and Meghan for any tiniest misstep?! Do you share Lady Colin’s point of view regarding the royal couple? We really want to hear your thoughts on this matter.