Meghan Markle Shares Throwback Video Of Herself In Honor Of 'Day Of The Girl Child' Along With Powerful Feminist Message

Date October 11, 2019

Long before she became a duchess, Meghan Markle was always an advocate for women's rights.

Her recent trip to South Africa made her message even clearer as the speeches on the first day of the Sussexes' tour showed her interest in gender-based violence in the region.

As a member of the royal family, the duchess has made topics about gender equality and women's empowerment among her main causes proving that she's ready to use her platform to make some real changes.

Throwback to young Meghan

Long ago, at the young age of 11, the Duchess of Sussex was already showing signs of how she intends to make a difference when it comes to female-related struggles.

Meghan felt offended by a Procter & Gamble ad for Ivory soap which depicted a sink filled with dirty dishes and a voiceover narrating:

Women are fighting greasy pots and pans with Ivory Soap.

Meghan was upset that the ad implied that cleaning dishes was only a woman's duty and she felt it wasn't right for children to grow up with that idea in their head.

She decided to write a letter to Procter & Gamble and asked that they changed the commercial and it worked.

Meghan, during her first-ever interview, talked about how important it was for people to take action when they see something offensive or sexist.

Now, many years later, the Duchess has shared a snippet of that interview and that message while celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child.

She posted a powerful video on the family's Instagram page where she enjoined women to value themselves and speak up. Having her 11-year-old self share a message as well made the video even more meaningful.

Praises for Meghan

Many people were inspired by the Duchess' words. @ccpassi wrote, "you make us so proud Meghan," and declared:

MY number 1 female role model.

@he___llena described the royal mom as a "feminist, women's rights defender," and a "real princess."

@mariecariad appreciated Meghan's "fabulous message," advising girls to "hold your head high." @bey_emm said Meghan's video was a "fantastic inspiration" and @haileyslights wrote:

Your enthusiasm and your utter passion to make a change drives me and keeps me motivated to contribute to stand up for what I believe in, even if that is the littlest of things. you have taught me to use my voice and to be brave enough to be that I am simply enough just as I am. You are a hero & I love you always.

@heiditronson described Meghan's video as "so powerful" and said:

And, exactly how I am raising my daughter.

The Duchess of Sussex has chosen to make a strong impact on such an important day. And it's safe to say many of her fans responded positively to it.