WeLoveYouMeghan: The Duchess Of Sussex Received Support From Fans After Admitting She's 'Existing Not Living' In Meghan Markle Documentary

Date October 21, 2019 18:44

A Meghan Markle documentary has revealed the Duchess of Sussex’s struggle with the pressure of media scrutiny as a royal and new mom.

Do people like Meghan Markle?

Ever since Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex, she has been working hard as a royal despite being newbie mom. She is a global ambassador for World Vision Canada, and advocates for gender equality and the empowerment of women with the UN.

As a member of the royal family, Meghan continues to use her status to fight for women's rights and social justice. But people still criticized her - so in a new documentary the mom of one opened her inner world.

The Duchess confessed she's 'existing not living'

Meghan Markle is getting candid about the struggle with the pressures of life as a royal and media scrutiny. In an emotional interview with Tom Bradby of ITV, the Duchess said that she is 'existing, not living'.

Meghan in the video admitted not many people ask if she is okay. When asked whether she was able to cope with the endless media scrutiny she has been under from the last year. The Duchess said: 'We are taking it one day at a time.'

Meanwhile, the royal mom of one has received an outpouring of support from social media users after a clip from the documentary was released. Fans have offered positive messages in the wake of the Duchess' recent media scrutiny.

Fans created hashtag 'WeLoveMeghan' to support her

In the wake of the Duchess' recent media scrutiny, fans all over the world have shown Meghan Markle support. Share this and stand with the incredible Meghan Markle.

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