Kate Middleton And Prince William Don’t Have ‘A Right’ To The Throne Despite The Succession Line, Claims Royal Expert

Date October 9, 2019 11:12

Even though there is no official version of the complete succession line made yet, it’s a common knowledge that the UK will see Prince Charles as its next King with his eldest son Prince William taking his place in the future.

However, one expert claims that the Duke doesn’t have ‘a God-given right’ to the British throne.

Kate and William are in a totally different position from the Queen

Royal expert Katie Nicholl has warned the Cambridge couple that they would have to ‘justify’ being the future King and Queen.

Queen Elizabeth’s position is her birthright given “by God” but the expert believes it an ‘antiquated concept.’ She said:

I think the royal family is in a very unique position in that you know the Queen is on the throne because it was her God-given right.

However, Nicholl claims Kate and William’s future prospects of becoming the King and Queen are not their ‘God-given right’ and they will need to prove they are worthy of it.

Katie explained:

They’re going to need to justify being there. The image that is being cultivated of William and Kate now is going to be very important several years down the line because all of this will reflect our opinion of them.

Prince William’s younger brother Harry will probably never have to worry about such things. He’s is currently 6th in the line of succession and it’s very unlikely he will ever become a King.

That’s why Harry has a little bit more freedom and inclined to break more protocol rules than his brother.