Expert Claims Meghan Markle Is The One Who Rules In Her Relationship With Harry But He Doesn’t Mind It

Date October 22, 2019

The Sussex duo surprised their fans with a new documentary where they were followed by the ITV presenter Tom Bradby during their South Africa tour. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview gave an insight into their struggles.

Their joint chat shed the light on the couple’s dynamic, demonstrating how they interact with each other and later, it was analyzed by an expert.

Harry and Meghan’s body language

Body language expert Judi James watched closely the royal pair’s recent interview and here’s what she got to say.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s body language suggests that there is one person who rules in their relationship and it’s Meghan. During the interview, the Duchess was seen finishing off not only her own sentences but her husband’s as well.

Yet, James says that’s it’s actually a good thing as it demonstrates the couple’s ‘togetherness.’ She explained:

There is no single body language sign from Harry that this doesn't work for him or that they don't read one another's thoughts.

Judi also noted that Meghan is in the “driver’s seat” in her relationship with Harry. She said:

It's clear from the dynamic between Harry and Meghan as a campaigning power couple on the world stage that Meghan is the very eloquent 'driver' who seems to get the thought or the answer first while Harry is almost still learning on the job.

But Harry has a different job in his marriage – he is the protector. James added that his body language ranges from ‘quiet sadness’ to a strong desire’ to protect his family’. It seems that despite the troubles the Sussex couple has experienced, they only got closer.

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