Meghan Markle's Former Teacher Gives Insights Into How The Duchess Was As A Child: "She Would Stand Up For What She Believed In"

Date November 8, 2019

Meghan Markle's childhood must have been fascinating. Of course, probably not at the time, but considering how far she has come, people are now very interested in learning where she comes from.

Since the world got to know that the former American actress is with Prince Harry, some people from her past, including her school, are quite impressed.

Shortly after Harry and Meghan's engagement was announced, staff and students at her former secondary school, Immaculate Heart girls’ school, were thrilled. The Duchess studied at the Los Angeles school between the ages of 11 and 18.

Meghan Markle's Former Teacher Gives Insights Into How The Duchess Was As A Child: "She Would Stand Up For What She Believed In"Getty Images / Ideal Image

Meghan Markle's childhood, according to her former teacher

Speaking on True Royalty's TV's new documentary Meghan for President?, California teacher Ilise Faye has given insights into who Meghan was as a child.

Faye was the Head Teacher at Hollywood Schoolhouse, a school which the Duchess attended when she was very young.

Describing who the royal was as a little girl, Faye said:

She was one of those children that would stand up for the underdog. She would stand up for what she believed in, and she was a leader among her friends, her peer group.

Faye also narrated how, in a bid to stand up for her beliefs, Meghan became inspired to protest the Gulf War after her friend's brother traveled overseas while serving in the army.

The teacher went on to describe young Meghan as an "incredibly clever" young lady who was determined to bring about change even as a young girl.

About the documentary

The Meghan for President? documentary looks into the life of Duchess Meghan and her tremendous impact on society. The information and insight are garnered through interviews with friends, colleagues, royal experts, and former teachers.

The objective is to learn about her lifetime interest in making changes especially in such areas as gender/racial equality and helping those in need.

A documentary like this is timely considering how both Meghan and Harry have admitted to struggles of being under such heightened scrutiny that they feel vulnerable. Words from people who love and appreciate the Duchess can help renew her confidence and motivate her to keep being a shining light.

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