Court Case: Meghan Markle's Father May Be A Witness Against Her Per Sister's Claim — And People Have Mixed Opinions

Date January 19, 2020

What does Meghan Markle’s father think of her daughter and grandson-in-law’s quitting from royal duties? Thomas Markle spoke out his mind in a recent interview on Us Weekly, revealing he is “disappointed” at the couple’s decision.

Meghan and Harry were criticized for “ditching” and “ghosting” her family over royalty and stepping back from it after two years. Besides, the mum-of-one is preparing for a court case, in which her dad is eager to take part.

Meghan Markle’s dad

Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas, “would testify” against his daughter in a court, according to exclusive Samantha Markle’s statement. She claimed he wants to be a key witness in the case.

Several months ago, the Sussex couple sued Mail on Sunday for publishing the letter Meghan had sent to her dad. It now seems like Thomas Markle is on the newspaper’s side instead of his daughter’s, alongside Markle’s step-sister Sam.

In a private statement, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry expressed their hurt, anger, and concern over Mail on Sunday’s unethical and illegal coverage of the 38-year-old’s letter to her dad.

Meghan’s step-sister, Samantha, always protects their father and she recently told BBC:

If he is called [to the court], he will come.

On the same breath, according to new documents filed in London’s High Court, the 75-year-old will prove his daughter was against him all the time. Thomas reportedly has already provided some materials in preparation for the court hearing.

People have mixed opinions about the situation

Everything we know about Meghan and Thomas Markle’s relationship

  • Meghan was heartbroken when her father sent her a super personal letter to tabloids.
  • He wasn’t invited to the royal nuptials due to his cooperation with tabloids.
  • Mr. Markle believes Meghan and Harry ghosted him and banned him from seeing Archie.
  • Thomas reportedly contacted Doria so that she can talk to their daughter.

This is not our business, but we think it’s the worst a parent can do to a child. We are sure Meghan wouldn’t blacklist her father from her life if he wasn’t entirely against her new life. The date for a court hearing is yet to be identified, but this is going to be heart-wrenching for our beautiful Duchess.

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