She Continues To Amaze Us! Queen Has An ‘Outstanding’ Memory And Can Recall The Meaning Behind Each Piece Of Jewelry She Has, Claims Author

Date November 7, 2019

Queen Elizabeth – how old is she? The British monarch turned 93 in April but she doesn’t even think about stepping down from her royal duties.

Surprisingly, Queen Elizabeth’s age doesn’t seem to have any effect on her memory. At least this is what a royal author has just stated.

Queen Elizabeth II’s age is just a number

Journalist Sali Hughes, who wrote a book about Her Majesty, recently praised the monarch for her remarkable memory.

The Queen has an extensive jewelry collection but she can recall the meaning of every single dazzling piece she owns.

Hughes noted that the monarch uses her ‘outstanding memory’ when it comes to fashion. She said:

There are no mistakes; there are no accidents. Everything is forensically thought of, considered, and documented, and her memory is outstanding. She does not forget who gave her something, and she doesn’t forget the meaning it has when she was given her gifts and her jewelry.

It’s not only the amazing earrings and necklaces that the Queen remembers about. She also can recall the day of her coronation that took plays over 65 years ago.

Last year, Her Majesty gave a rare interview for a documentary where she discussed the day she became the Queen. It’s amazing how much she remembers at her age!

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