Expert Says Meghan's Dad Believes TV Interviews Will Help Him To Reconcile With Daughter, But People Think Otherwise

Date January 28, 2020

Meghan Markle’s father Thomas does not seem like a trustworthy person. In 2018, he assured that he was ‘done’ with the media after a heated phone chat with Prince Harry but he still continues to appear on TV with new interviews.

In January last year, Mr. Markle spoke out again, saying that he has to ‘defend himself’ if someone says something ‘wrong’ about him and noted that he will ‘keep talking’ until Meghan reaches out to him.

Why did he suddenly reappear on the stage? Perhaps he ran out of the money he got paid for his previous interviews? We can’t tell. However, one expert thinks that Meghan Markle’s dad actually believes he will get a response if he continues talking on TV.

Meghan Markle father’s body language speaks louder than words

An expert in body language, Judi James, analyzed Thomas Markle’s latest TV appearance where the former lighting director chatted with Good Morning Britain’s hosts.

Mr. Markle revealed he is ready to make a drastic step and will talk to the press every month until Meghan finally agrees to talk to him.

Knowing that the 75-year-old’s interviews didn’t receive any reaction in the past, except hateful comments on social media, it doesn’t seem like a wise idea. However, James thinks that Thomas actually believes that there is no other way to reach out to his daughter.

She explained:

As he said he didn’t want to have to battle with Harry and Meghan he used one raised brow and a rueful smile to suggest he would do so if necessary, but then he brought both hands up, cupped and facing inward, and pushed them together as though part-miming a reconciliation.

Mr. Markle is even ready to go to court just to be able to meet with his daughter. Nonetheless, social media thinks that Thomas’ decision will only make things worse.

What else his body language can say about him?

In 2018, Mr. Markle had another interview with Good Morning Britain. Then, Judi James noted:

  • his body language looked ‘unconvincing’;
  • he wasn’t sure about his answers;
  • he appeared dishonest when claiming that his rift with Meghan is not his fault.

However, another body language expert, Blanca Cobb, noticed a genuine sincerity in Thomas when he talked about how much he regrets that he missed his daughter’s wedding.

To conclude, it seems that Mr. Markle was telling the truth about certain things but he was also dishonest at times. Despite what the body language experts say, it appears that his desire to contact Meghan turned into some kind of obsession and he’s willing to do anything in his powers to make her talk to him. But is continuously appearing on the media a good plan? What do you think?

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