They Still Love Each Other! Expert Claims Queen And Prince Philip Share ‘Sense Of Devotion To One Another’

Date November 6, 2019

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been married for over 70 years. The monarch met her future husband when she was just a 13-year-old girl. She was immediately smitten by the handsome naval officer, 5 years older than her.

When Elizabeth turned 21, the pair got engaged and in 1947, they got married in Westminster Abbey. So many years have passed but did Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip manage to keep the spark alive in their marriage?

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s relationship

The Queen and her royal husband are now in their 90s. Due to the time when they got married and the strict etiquette, the ultimate royal couple has rarely shown an act of PDA.

In fact, Elizabeth and Philip almost always put their professional faces on, which is not surprising as the country, as well as the whole world, watches their every move.

However, when you love someone, it’s very hard to completely hide your feelings. Over the years, there have been moments when the couple’s regal facade has broken and body language expert Judi James analyzed those rare peeks into the Queen and Prince Philip’s romance.

Here’s what she said:

Their signals suggested that their private relationship balance was very different from their public face at royal events. The glimpses of genuine moments between them were rare but when they did occur the suggestion was that the couple shared a sense of humor as well as a shared sense of devotion to one another.

Their feelings for each other didn’t hide from another expert, who claimed the royal duo has ‘deep affection for one another.’ It’s amazing how they managed to keep their love alive after so many years. We’d love to know their secret!

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