Meghan Markle Puts Her Family Break On Pause As She Teams With Hollywood PR Guru For A Bombshell Project, Reports Say

Date December 10, 2019

Meghan Markle may be temporary on a break from her royal duties but she still continues her charity work, reports say. The Duchess reportedly works on a huge project which will definitely make a change to the world.

Meghan Markle’s new charity project

As it was reported earlier, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan decided to take a 6-week break from their royal duties amid the festive season. The Sussexes want to spend time with their little son Archie and also plan to make a trip to the United States, where they will spend Christmas with Meghan’s mom.

But royal break doesn’t mean that Harry and Meghan completely stepped back from their social work. On the contrary!

According to reports, Meghan Markle has collaborated with Hollywood PR guru Keleigh Thomas Morgan for a new charity project. The Duchess reportedly plans to raise $10 million for the new charity launch. How do you like that?!

A source added:

Meghan may officially be on her royal break, but don't believe she is taking her foot off the gas.

Fans’ comments

Kind-hearted Duchess

Though it’s pretty obvious that Meghan Markle has only the best intentions when she helps people in need and supports charities, there are those who think that the Duchess is just acting as she was a TV actress.

Royal expert Hannah Betts said:

She is looking to take her performing to another level.

But if you need proof that Meghan is a very kind-hearted person, just take a look at her previous charity experience. The Duchess worked as a global ambassador for world vision. Meghan has become an advocate for United Nations. The Duchess has been fighting against gender inequality since she was 11.

Doesn’t sound like she is just ‘performing’, right?!

Fans support Meghan’s new charity launch

@ Karen Hacker

And what a wonderful thing that she wants to raise money for charity...yet you Brits think so little of her. You Brits need to wise up.

@ Prosper Shonhiwa

Well done Megan. Noble idea. Trump and Boris supporters always have negative stuff to say.

@ Sarah Mccarthy

Meghan is so brave and stunning

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