“They Are Together”: Sarah Ferguson And Prince Andrew Spark Reunion Rumors After Joint Appearance On A Friend’s Party

Date February 11, 2020

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew made a joint public appearance earlier these days and immediately sparked reunion rumors among fans.

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew: body language

  • Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew got married in 1986.
  • It was actually Princess Diana who set them up together as she was a close friend to Fergie.
  • The spouses divorced in 1996 after 10 years of marriage.
  • Sarah and Andrew have two daughters together: Eugenie and Beatrice.

Though Andrew and Sarah are no longer a couple, from time to time, the exes step out in public together. According to body language experts, they look like a happy couple and loving parents to their two daughters.

Expert Judi James explained:

Sarah’s choice of photos for Instagram reveal a sense of linear continuity to her marriage and an ongoing, close relationship with Andrew.

Expert Susan Constantine also pointed out on a strong bond between Sarah, Andrew, and their two daughters:

Beyond the couple's respect for one another, what truly stands out is the love they have for their daughters.

Joint appearance

Earlier this week, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew attended the Lunar New Year's celebration, hosted by their friend Liu Xiaoming and his wife. Their daughter Princess Beatrice and her fiancé Edoardo were in attendance too.

Sarah looked so charming in a midi black dress paired with a stylish grey jacket. She and Andrew, indeed, looked very sweet as they posed for a photo.

Andrew and Sarah’s visit immediately generated reunion rumors among social media users.

Fans’ comments

@ lauracthom

I know they have together forever, but I hope this means now it’s official they are together

@ busybeeo

Nice to see Prince Andrew and Sarah Duchess of York together hope they get remarried. They both deserve some happiness and stability in their lives. Good luck to them and their family.

@ britaschulz

how beautiful, the family of York is reunited 🙌

@ lauraf211

Agree and it’s encouraging that the government of a foreign country recognizes how great they are together! Hope we get to see more of them together

Wedding plans

Despite what people say, Sarah and Andrew both admit they don’t plan to get married again. Sarah has her point of view on her current relationship with her ex-husband:

We enjoy each other’s company; we allow each other to blossom… that’s the way we are.

Prince Andrew shares his ex-wife’s opinion as he admits that he and Sarah have no plans to remarry:

It’s because we are in a better place which is probably why we are able to remain such close friends. We have two great kids. We do things together as a family.

Well, of course, it will be awesome to have another royal wedding in the nearest future. But it seems like it definitely won’t be Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew’s wedding. On the other hand, it’s so nice to see that the two of them managed to stay on such good terms after the divorce. Moreover, Sarah and Andrew seem to be much closer now than when they were married. Did you notice it?

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