People Are Convinced Prince Harry's Social Media Post Has A Hidden Message To The Queen

Date January 17, 2020

Does the Duke of Sussex have a message for Queen Elizabeth hidden in plain sight? That's what people wanted to know when Prince Harry's latest Instagram Story had background music could be construed to hold a deeper meaning.

Her Majesty's support

The world was shocked when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they basically wanted to cut back on their activities as senior members of the royal family. It seemed like such a big deal that some feared Her Majesty would disapprove.

A few days later, however, Queen Elizabeth released a statement where she said she was in support of the Sussex's plans but mentioned that there will be a transition process before everything is sorted out.

Based on this, people assumed that there isn't some drama going on among the royal family members. But a recent video by Harry has some wondering if he has decided to take petty to a new level.

A shade at his grandmother?

The Sussex Instagram page recently posted a Story that reflected Prince Harry's activities as he hosted the Rugby League World Cup Draw on Thursday. It was his first engagement since he and his wife made their big announcement.

The video shared online showcased Harry as he carried on with his activities for the day. It all seemed pretty normal enough, however, while the video was showing, the background music titled This Is The One by The Stone Roses was playing.

Now, what was apparently so odd about the song choice was that it contained such lyrics as:

I’d like to leave the country / For a month of Sundays / Burn the town where I was born" ... β€œA girl consumed by fire / We all know her desire / From the plans that she has made / I had her on a promise.

The peculiar lyrics did make it seem like Prince Harry was trying to let the royal family know he can't wait to, well, "leave the country." And considering he and Meghan's plans to be partly based in Canada, this seemed a bit too coincidental to ignore.


Fans quickly took to social media to share their views about this particular choice of song.

@IrisJanky commented:

What's next? The Stone Roses song about killing the Queen during a clip of Prince Harry boarding a plane.

Many of them felt like Prince Harry chose the song as a form of "peace out" to his family.

@nessytaylor wrote:

Prince Harry using a song by The Stone Roses who are so famously anti royal can’t be a coincidence can it? This is f---ing hilarious.

Why Prince Harry may be excited to move to a different country

Ok, we don't know for sure if Harry chose that song to reflect that he couldn't wait to skip town. But if he's really that excited to leave, it may be due to these reasons:

  • To protect Meghan: In the 2017 documentary titled Diana, 7 Days, Harry revealed his belief that the media and paparazzi had a hand in the death of his mother, Princess Diana. Considering the intense scrutiny faced by Meghan these days, he may be determined to ensure history doesn't repeat itself by getting his wife away from it all.
  • He previously talked about wanting out of royal life. Speaking to royal biographer Angela Levin for the book Harry: A Biography of a Prince, Harry was revealed to have said that there were times he considered the possibility of leaving the royal life behind.
  • Why Canada?: If you're wondering why the Sussexes didn't make the United States that part-time home, it could have something to do with the fact that Meghan is comfortable in Canada as she used to live there before marrying Harry.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have certainly left us with plenty to think about especially given their recent announcement. We can see why fans hope to find some meaning in the posts he shares. Nevertheless, it does seem a little unlikely that the Duke may want to pass a message to his family through a song. So it's a safe bet that people are reaching on this one. What do you think?

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