Is It Possible? Royal Fans Hope Meghan Markle Will Return To Acting Career After Quitting The Royal Family

Date January 10, 2020 15:00

Can Meghan Markle become an actress once again? Since she and Prince Harry announced about quitting royal duties as 'senior' royals, people are now wondering whether the former Hollywood star can return to her previous lifestyle.

The Sussex couple wants to divide their time between the UK to help Her Majesty and North America to live their own lives and be financially independent. So, is it even possible for Meghan Markle to be a celebrity once again?

Meghan Markle's news

At first, let's read these funny and adorable tweets people have left on social media. Royal fans sincerely hope to see Meghan Markle acting once again and even made some jokes regarding portraying herself in one of the seasons on Crown.

The Duchess of Sussex had to quit Suits and $50,000 per episode in the TV series when she married Prince Harry. The 38-year-old had a whopping net worth even being a Hollywood star.

Honestly, it's still unknown whether or not Meghan can return to acting. She will not be senior royal (yet, still the part of the royal family and Duchess Meghan), and she has really a good portfolio/image so that it won't be a problem. But maybe, due to respect to her previous life as a royal and her appreciation to the royal family as a whole, she'll refuse and keep it low-key.

Meghan Markle's net worth before royal family

According to Mirror and Hello, there are some facts:

  • Her estimated net worth was $5 million before marrying Harry.
  • Her annual salary on Suits was reportedly around $435K.
  • She allegedly earned roughly $80K for ner sponsorship and endorsements.

Actually, it would be cool to see Meghan Markle as an actress again, but it's unlikely. She seemingly desires to focus on her motherhood and some charity activities, alongside Harry. What do you think about all of that? Would you like to see the mum-of-one as a Hollywood celeb?

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