Prince William's Reaction Melts Fans' Hearts, As He Mistakes His Young Self For Charlotte: "Genetics Are Crazy!"

Date January 17, 2020 16:13

Prince William and Kate Middleton made their first royal visit in 2020 — the couple had to visit different events in Bradford to know more about the projects aimed at helping the community. In particular, they proudly and delightedly attended:

  • Bradford’s City Hall;
  • My Lahore;
  • Khidmat Centres;
  • Better Start Bradford;
  • Near Neighbours.

The couple was in high spirits amid the royal crisis, making well-wishers even much happier than they had expected. See below Prince William’s reaction at Khidmat Centres!

Prince William’s kids

Khidmat Centres presented Prince William and Kate Middleton a huge cake, featuring their different images throughout their lives. At one of the pictures, the Duke of Cambridge didn’t recgonie himself and thought it was his four-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte. See the video below:

Is that Me? Is that Charlotte? Is that Charlotte? Is that me? Oh, my goodness! Is that me? That looks like Charlotte. That’s incredible!

Here is the photo of him that reminded of little Lotti. And we must admit, they do look like carbon copies!

People readily began to comment on Prince William’s sweetest reaction

Prince William & Kate Middleton’s news

During one of their important engagements in Bradford, Kate Middleton was carefully asked about her plans to have a fourth baby. Her response was quite definite:

I don’t think William wants any more.

Yet, Duchess Catherine did not give her own opinion about the question, so we have the right to assume she would love to have another baby girl or baby boy.

BONUS: Do you know how William calls his daughter an in-home environment?

In this video, the future King is seen playing around with his elder kids, and in one of the moments, the father-of-three said:

Mignonette, give me a push.

Princess Charlotte turned around immediately, proving that’s her nickname within the family. ‘Mignonette’ translates to ‘delicate’ (it is a French word).

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s kids have a very amazing childhood despite their royal life and some privileges as royals and heirs to the British throne. The Cambridge couple has said many times they don’t want their children to live in a “gilded bubble” and want them to have a normal life while they can. Well done!

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