Queen Elizabeth Is Believed To Have Sent A Warning Message To Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Amid Prince Andrew Scandal

Date November 25, 2019

It's believed that Meghan and Harry were warned by Queen Elizabeth amid Prince Andrew's interview and subsequent decisions made by Her Majesty.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York recently announced that he was taking a step back from royal duties amid the scandal surrounding his former association with Jeffrey Epstein.

The announcement came shortly after the Duke's interview on Newsnight and a royal source informed the UK Sun that Queen Elizabeth was "very disappointed" in her son.

The source explained that the Queen was "unhappy" with the fallout of the interview and could have led to her decision to permit Prince Andrew to quit his royal duties.

Contrary to the statement which implied that the Duke quit of his own volition. the sources claimed that Queen Elizabeth actually fired Prince Andrew.

Meghan, Harry warned by Queen Elizabeth

Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth have always seemed to have a nice grandmother-grandson relationship. However, following all the controversy surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, it's believed that this connection is strained and Her Majesty's reaction to her own son Prince Andrew should be considered a warning.

A royal source told the UK Sun that The Queen's decision to relieve Andrew of his duties should be seen as a "warning" to the younger royals, "particularly Meghan and Harry." It should be considered a sign that the monarch will not "tolerate them stepping out of line."

She was not happy with the TV interview they did and them generally doing their own thing. The house of York has a history of doing its own thing, and look where that has got them.

Prince Harry and Meghan have reportedly made The Queen unhappy due to some of their actions including their decision to open up about their personal struggles.

Reports have also claimed that there may be a strong strain between Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth as the Duchess implied her unhappiness with being a royal.

Reactions to the Queen's reported warning for Harry and Meghan

A wave of social media comments poured in following these reports.

Some people approved of Her Majesty's decision but a few others felt it would be rather unfair if her warning wasn't directed to all the members of the royal family.

We imagine Queen Elizabeth's responsibilities as a royal can sometimes be complicated. But in the end, fans of the royal will always believe that she makes her decisions based on what's best for the monarchy.

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