She Is So Ready! Kate Middleton Is Preparing To Become Queen With Her New Regal Fashion Choices, Expert Claims

Date November 19, 2019 12:01

Kate Middleton is definitely ready to become Queen, at least, her recent fashion choices confirm this, according to an expert.

Kate Middleton’s fashion 2019

Only a blind wouldn’t notice that Kate Middleton’s fashion choices in 2019 have changed drastically in comparison with previous years.

Kate Middleton’s fashion 2019 can be described as elegant and sophisticated, but yet modest and down-to-earth.

According to a fashion expert Melita Latham, the Duchess of Cambridge’s style change is related to her readiness to become Queen someday.

Melita said:

Some ensembles, almost military in appearance, Kate’s wardrobe is certainly leaning towards that of her husband’s grandmother.

The stylist took a precise look at Kate Middleton’s fashion transformation over the past year and gave her verdict:

Long gone are the figure flattering, sheer summer dresses, only to be replaced with stylish, heavier, figure covering suits. Even during recent royal engagements during the summer months, bare arms, replaced with lace and veil.

What Kate feels about becoming Queen

No doubt, Kate Middleton is ready to step into that title and to join her husband William on the British throne someday.

Catherine is involved in multiple charities and social organizations. She is a devoted philanthropist. The Duchess reportedly even writes her speeches herself. Kate is interested in continuing all the great work done by the royal family and Her Majesty, in particular.

But what people love and admire Kate for the most is her kind heart and devotion to her family. As a loving mother-of-three, Catherine is a perfect role model to follow.

What do you think about Kate Middleton’s fashion transformation over the years? Is the Duchess ready to become Queen? We really want to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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