Powerful And Independent: Meghan Markle Doesn’t Need Husband Harry To Complete Her, Expert Claims

Date November 13, 2019

While some women after they get married are losing their independence or individuality, there are those who don’t need a husband to complete themselves. Meghan Markle is exactly the same case, according to a royal expert.

Powerful and independent wife Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are one of the most popular and widely discussed couples worldwide. Since they announced their engagement till the moment when they welcomed their first child together, Harry and Meghan do not stop making headlines worldwide.

While some people thought that the former American actress Meghan would change drastically after marrying the British Prince, the relationship expert Sami Wunder admits that Meghan doesn’t need Harry to complete herself as she likes to have her own independence.

Wunder explained:

She may have given up her Hollywood career due to royal protocol but the woman continues to keep herself busy.

The expert added:

She is not going to be the woman that looks up to Prince Harry to fulfill each and every one of her needs, as many first time married women would do.

Meghan Markle’s first marriage

To some extent, Meghan’s independence can be explained that the Duchess was married before. In 2011, Meghan tied the knot with a movie producer, Trevor Engelson.

Two years later, the couple divorced. The spouses couldn’t handle relationships on distance. Author Andrew Morton wrote in his book about the Duchess of Sussex:

She was her own woman now, earning a steady income, making new friends on-set and off, no longer dependent on her husband’s connections.

Meghan Markle (oops, we meant Duchess Meghan) is, indeed, a powerful woman and a perfect role model to follow for young ladies of our generation. She is a loving wife, a doting mother, and a devoted social activist and philanthropist. Powerful and independent – that’s how we can describe a woman of the 21st century!

Meghan Markle