Meghan Markle’s Uncle Shared Memories Of Spending Thanksgiving Together: “I Fear We Will Never Have Another Thanksgiving With Meghan”

Date November 25, 2019 11:12

Meghan Markle’s uncle shared sweet memories of spending Thanksgiving with his lovely niece and the rest of the family. But the man is afraid he will never have another chance to celebrate holidays with the Duchess again.

Warm memories

Meghan’s tense relationship with most of her family members is not a secret to royal watchers. Fortunately, some of her relatives have only good words to say about the Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle’s uncle Joseph Johnson loves to recall their sweet family gatherings. Mr. Johnson shared throwback pictures of spending Thanksgiving with little Meghan and her mom Doria.

Meghan looks so happy here surrounded by her loved ones. No pressure from the press, just a warm family celebration. We hope the Duchess will repeat this!

Mr. Johnson said about Meghan in her teen years:

She was always a sweetheart. Always just the sweetest, most pleasant little girl!

He recalled their family gatherings:

When we got together, we were always happy to see each other.

Then, Joseph added:

I fear we will never have another Thanksgiving with Meghan.

Fans’ comments

Who knows, maybe Meghan will meet with her uncle amid festive season? As it was confirmed, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will celebrate Christmas with Mrs. Ragland in America.

It’s good to know that Meghan has such a loving uncle! Hopefully, they will reunite for holidays again.

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