Adorable Video Shows Prince George Making Queen Elizabeth And Prince Charles Laugh Out Loud

Date December 25, 2019

Prince George may very well have a future in comedy. Alright, maybe not, since he's the future king and all. But he does know how to get a belly laugh from both Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles which we assume is no easy feat.

Prince Charles as a grandfather

From the few times we've seen Prince Charles and his grandson George, or any of his other grandkids for that matter, the heir apparent to the British throne appears to be very happy and content. What's more, the little ones feel comfortable around him as well.

Adorable Video Shows Prince George Making Queen Elizabeth And Prince Charles Laugh Out LoudGetty Images / Ideal Image

A family picture taken in honor of Prince Charles's 70th birthday shows just how much he loves being around his grandkids, Prince George especially. The young royal was spotted sitting comfortably on his grandpa's legs, both with big grins on their faces. In fact, we have a feeling George is Prince Charles's favorite grandson, or at least, one of the top two.

Actually, taking into consideration this recent shot, George may just be his great-grandmother's favorite as well.

Video of Prince George making the Queen and Prince Charles laugh

The Kensington Palace social media account recently posted some shots that featured Prince George, Prince William, Prince Charles, and Queen Elizabeth hard at work making Christmas pudding.

The footage shared online was taken from the Queen's annual Christmas Day Broadcast. Little George could be seen determinedly stirring the pudding. So were his dad and grandad.

At some point in the video, George said or did something that had Prince Charles and the Queen bursting into laughter. It appeared that George's enthusiastic stabbing of the pudding was what his grandfather and Her Majesty found humorous. Or perhaps George shared a secret joke.

Comments and reactions

In response to the sweet video, royal fans dropped their comments.

@peaka_boooo commented that "Prince George is so cute," while @mrm8768 stated, "How Cute!"

@mirojade said the video was "so sweet," and @katieemma_xx commented, "Love George" with a heart emoji.

What we know about Prince George's personality

Some comments and other special moments have alluded to George's fun and jovial personality.

  • Her Majesty once revealed, in the documentary The Queen's Green Planet, that George and the rest of the children love knocking off her Christmas decorations.
  • A family member of the royals once revealed to People that George is a "jolly little person."
  • The pictures shared in honor of his 6th birthday showed George as a bright and happy child who enjoyed being in the outdoors.

For the most part, Prince William and Kate Middleton don't overexpose their children to the spotlight. As a result, royal fans greatly cherish the moments when the little ones make an appearance. In this case, we love seeing George so helpful, happy, and healthy. And based on this video alone, we can say Prince Charles enjoys being around his grandson immensely.

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