Fashion War! Her Stylish Majesty Meghan Markle Won This Year's Most Influential Dresser, But Fans Thinks Kate Middleton Was Snubbed

Date November 20, 2019

Meghan Markle swept the fashion world off their feet after she joined the royal family and demonstrated her own take on the high-class style. The Duchess' outstanding outfits even brought her a number 1 spot on the list of most influential dressers of 2019, but not everyone seems to agree with this ranking.

Meghan Markle – fashion Queen!

According to the annual fashion report produced by Lyst Index, Meghan Markle was the most searched celebrity in terms of style in 2019.

Last year, the Duchess occupied the third spot, while Kylie Jenner was enjoying the first rank. The royal mom of two was able to knock Kylie off her pedestal even considering that she spent considerable amount of time away from royal duties due to her pregnancy.

Many believe Kate Middleton deserves the title more

@Tracey Dodds:

Anyone can be a good dresser if they have the money. Kate's always elegant though

@Ahvon Broussard:

I agree , the way she dress be looking comfortable and not always dressy and up tight to please everyone

@Brenda Murphy:

They are so many beautiful woman wearing absolutely gorgeous cloths, I don't think Megan could hold a candle to them. Kate is one of them!

@Sue Spilcker:

Is this selected in the USA , because Kate beats her in every way, elegant, trendy, and dresses exactly right for every occasion

And what do you think? Are you team Kate or team Meghan?

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