Sussex Couple Cuts All Ties At Frogmore While Fans Speculate About Their Staff’s Future

Date January 17, 2020

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are having a long-distance relationship again. The ginger royal left his wife in Canada as he traveled back home to appear at Buckingham Palace for his first solo engagement in 2020.

According to royal journalist Emily Andrews, the Duke was in a very good mood, laughing and joking with everyone, as he hosted the Rugby League World Cup 2021 draw.

However, it appears that his and Meghan’s move to Canada is inevitable as the rumors about the couple letting go their staff at Frogmore Cottage flooded the internet.

Did Meghan Markle and Prince Harry really fire their staff?

Despite the crazy rumors, the staff at Frogmore was not actually fired. According to HELLO!, people who have been working hard to make sure the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are comfortable are actually being redeployed, not let go.

A royal reporter Rebecca English confirms the publication’s statement, noting that the Frogmore staff was ‘moved to other jobs’ in the palace.

Royal fans are still speculating about the staff’s future

Meghan’s family is not happy about her

Thomas Markle was not ecstatic about the news that his estranged daughter and her royal husband are moving away from the royal family and stepping down from their roles. Thomas shared he is ‘disappointed’ how it all played out.

Markle’s daughter Samantha was not very complimentary about Meghan, either. She appeared on This Morning, saying that it was the Duchess’ ‘decision’ to step down.

We are not surprised to hear Samantha’s opinion as she was hardly ever positive about Meghan. Even though the former actress is now closer to her family in miles, she is probably still as far away from them in her heart as she was before her move to Canada.

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