Prince Andrew’s News: Prince Charles Might Remove Brother’s Royal Title After Becoming King, Reports Say

Date November 19, 2019

In recent Prince Andrew’s news, the Queen’s son decided to go against the advisors and gave a candid interview to BBC in a bid to clear his name.

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, tried to defend his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein but the whole interview has been dubbed as a ‘PR nightmare’ ever since. It even might cause the royal his title in the future.

Prince Charles might strip his brother of his title

It’s very possible that there won’t be the Duke of York in the future. Reports say that Prince Charles might decide to strip his brother of his royal title in the aftermath of Andrew’s interview.

The heir to the throne could make a historic decision and remove his younger brother’s status as a working royal, downgrading his role in the family.

A royal source revealed to The Daily Telegraph:

It’s possible the Prince of Wales could decide to remove the Duke of York’s status as a working royal when he becomes king. It’s no secret that Charles wants to streamline the monarchy when he eventually succeeds the Queen, and they have had plenty of disagreements in the past over Andrew’s role and that of his daughters.

Speaking of Andrew’s daughters, the ill-fated interview might affect them as well. Prince Andrew’s daughter’s wedding might be overshadowed or even postponed because of it.

The Duke’s eldest daughter Princess Beatrice got engaged earlier this year and the wedding should take place in 2020. But now, some royal experts think that her nuptials ‘will be collateral damage.’ Who would have thought that a simple interview could do so much harm?

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