Kate Middleton Behaves "Like The Queen" Before Launching Her 'Biggest Project Ever' - "5 Big Questions"

Date January 22, 2020

After becoming a part of the royal family, Kate Middleton focused her life on charity work. Throughout the years, she showed her immense dedication to the country and managed to earn the Queen's trust, who granted a number of patronages.

British cook Marry Berry once said that the Cambridge couple’s approach to their work is ‘remarkable’ because they actually want to help. At the moment, Kate is a patron of over 10 different charities but recently she launched her biggest project so far.

Kate Middleton’s news

Just a few days ago, the Duke and Duchess hosted their first event at Buckingham Palace. The couple held a reception on behalf of the Queen to celebrate the UK’s tender relationship with Africa.

Kate Middleton stunned in a gorgeous red dress but body language expert Judi James noted that her behavior at the event was quite Queen-worthy.

James said that the Duchess kept a professional smile on, resembling no one other than Her Majesty. She shared:

Like the Queen, Kate’s signature charisma involves continuity, meaning she tends to provide unchanging body language that is always upbeat, smiling and professional.

Perhaps the reason why Kate tried to behave her best was that she was preparing to launch a very exciting project, which is perhaps the peak of her charity career.

We know that the main focus of Kate’s charity work is children so her biggest project is aimed at making positive changes in raising the next generation. It’s called 5 Big Questions and it’s a national survey that will involve the whole country.

Kate is the Queen’s priority

The Duchess hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. She is loved by fans thanks to her:

  • down-to-earth nature;
  • dedication to the country and to the royal family;
  • strive to make the younger generation happier and healthier.

A royal commentator Neil Sean noted that not only the British public sees how great Kate is. The Queen also knows that she can rely on her grandson’s wife. Sean said:

A… notable feature within the last year is [Kate’s] closeness to… the queen. We all know the queen has welcomed Meghan warmly into the royal family, but unlike Meghan, Kate has brought nothing but serenity to her majesty. No huge tabloid busts up with the in-laws and fathers.

Moreover, the commentator states that Kate has become Her Majesty’s biggest priority as the monarch is guiding her granddaughter-in-law on the path to the throne. It’s hard to find a better person to become Queen Consort but it can take years before Kate would be crowned. However, she has plenty of time to learn all the intricacies of being the Queen from Her Majesty herself.

Kate Middleton