Meghan's Freckles And Harry's Eyes: Experts Predict How Archie Will Look In 20 Years And People Think He'll Be "Handsome As An Adult"

Date November 26, 2019

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, is one of the most famous children right now. And this is a major reason why people are curious about how he will look as he gets older.

Even at six months old, fans are already curious about royal baby Archie and his features. Ellen DeGeneres once revealed that baby Archie looks like Harry, and the royal parents themselves confirmed that their son is ginger-haired like his dad.

Proud mom Meghan Markle also shared that her little one already had his two front teeth coming some weeks ago which tells us that Archie is developing quickly and healthily.

Meghan's Freckles And Harry's Eyes: Experts Predict How Archie Will Look In 20 Years And People Think He'll Be "Handsome As An Adult"Getty Images / Ideal Image

Meghan Markle's baby all grown up

One of the things royal fans may be wondering about is how Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor will look when he's all grown up. We may not know for sure until that time comes, but some experts are giving us a pretty good idea.

Vice reportedly received an email from beauty brand Cosmetify which showed some fascinating pictures of how royal baby Archie will look in 20 years.

The portraits shared were computer-generate and it gives an idea of what people can expect the six-month-old to look like when he's 21 years old.

From the picture that has now been wildly shared online, Archie seems to have Prince Harry's hair color, however, it's a tad bit darker, possibly taking into consideration his mother's shade.

The older Archie's nose is similar to that of his father while his eyes resemble Meghan's. Another thing he inherited from his mom, based on this photo, is his freckles but that light beard on his face is something he gets from Prince Harry.


People absolutely loved this portrait and shared what they thought about the prediction.


Megs baby is so handsome as an adult!


Archie will look like Megan's father.. you can already see a strong resemblance.


Archie now looks like Grandad Markle, bet Meghan doesn't like that.


Archie looks about right.


The aged pic of Archie looks just like Harry's dad.

For many royal followers who are already fans of Archie, watching this cutie grow up will be quite a treat. Having an idea of what he may look like as an adult is captivating too.

Perhaps, you've done your own prediction of an older version of Archie. Does this one come pretty close to what you imagine?

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