Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Refused To Spend Christmas With The Queen Because Of Her Incredibly Strict Rules, Expert Claims

Date November 14, 2019

It appears that we won’t see the Sussex couple walking with the royal family to the church service in Sandringham this year. Meghan Markle and the Queen have forged a close blond but it might be very unstable now as the Sussexes decided against spending Christmas with her.

Meghan and Harry will reportedly travel to the US with their son Archie to spend winter holidays with the Duchess’ mom Doria.

But why they made such an unprecedented decision?

It’s a long-standing tradition for the royal family members to spend winter holidays with the Queen at Sandringham House.

No one has ever refused the monarch’s invitation until now. When it was reported that the Sussex pair opted to share the Christmas spirit with Meghan’s mom in the US, many royal watchers speculated that their decision might be connected to struggles the couple has been facing as royals.

In their recent explosive documentary, Meghan and Harry shocked the viewers when they revealed that they find it very difficult to deal with the high level of public scrutiny.

Royal biographer Angela Levin believes that the Sussex pair ‘feels very uncomfortable’ with the royal family at the moment and the Queen’s strict Christmas rules are not something they need right now.

She told Sky News:

It’s very demanding, it’s very regimented over Christmas. You can’t eat after the Queen stops eating, you can’t go to bed unless the Queen’s gone to bed. Everything is absolutely on time. I think if you are tense anyway, it’s quite difficult.

It was previously reported that Christmas is a very special time for the Queen and she felt really ‘hurt’ when Harry and Meghan refused to spend it with her.

Even though we understand the Sussexes’ decision, we can only hope that it won’t ruin the fragile relationship the couple has with other royal family members.

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