Kate Middleton Shows Off Bright Eyes And Flirty Smile In New Birthday Portrait That Looks Different From The Last Year One

Date January 10, 2020

Kate Middleton is one year older and remains as stunning as ever. The beautiful Duchess turned 38 on January 9 and members of the royal family have been dropping their birthday wishes.

A joyful occasion

The royal mom received lovely messages from her family including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

The Royal Family social media page posted three lovely photos featuring both Her Majesty and the Duchess. One of the first things that's noticed is the big smile on the Queen's face as she interacted with Kate Middleton. Both ladies look so happy and friendly together.

We love how these snaps capture the connection between Queen Elizabeth and Duchess Kate

As for the Clarence House, they shared a bunch of photos as well including a couple that shows Kate with Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla.

Like the Queen, they used this birthday message as a way to show Kate looking so happy with different members of the royal family.

A gorgeous portrait

The Kensington Palace also marked the Duchess' birthday by posting a portrait and sharing their best wishes in the caption.

Kate Middleton was pictured leaning against a wooden fence. She looks casual chic in a blue-and-white collar button-down shirt, a gray sweater and a pair of jeans.

If this picture looks familiar to you, it may be because the royal mom was spotted wearing a similar outfit in the Cambridge's 2018 Christmas Card photo.

Below, she can be seen in the exact same outfit as she posed for a snap with her husband, Prince William and their children, Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George.

In fact, considering the background of both photos and the fact that Kate has on the same look, hairstyle included, it appears that this 2018 shoot was where she took the picture that has now been used for her 38th birthday portrait.

We can see why the Kensington Palace chose this snap. Kate's bright smile and sparkly eyes take center stage. Her luscious hair and her overall look sure reflect the Duchess' glowing beauty.

Kate's family was also there to celebrate the big day with the royal mom. According to the DailyMail, Kate's father, Michael, was pictured arriving at the Cambridge's home to join the rest of the family to celebrate Kate's birthday.

The Duchess herself was also pictured reportedly heading to her birthday event.

2020 vs 2019

Let's take a look at some of the ways Kate's birthday shoutout from the Kensington Palace looks different from the one posted a year ago.

  • Face shot: This year, the picture chosen is one that shows most of the Duchess' profile. However, a year ago, a shot of her face alone was used.
  • Candid snap: The 2019 birthday shoutout picture seems to have been taking during a candid moment while for this year, she specifically posed for the snap that was used.
  • Hair switch: Just as it is with this year, Kate's lovely hair stole the show. However, for 2020, her locks were free to cascade beautifully down her shoulders while a year ago, it was styled differently.

When it comes to her birthdays, Kate Middleton prefers low-key celebrations. HelloMagazine reported that over the years, she has chosen to keep things quiet but while marking the occasion with intimate celebrations with her loved ones.

The Duchess of Cambridge is 38 years old. How time flies! Once upon a time, she was in her 20s and the wide-eyed girlfriend of Prince William. Now she has come into her own as a member of the royal family and, by all indications, she's preparing for a future role as the Queen consort. A lot has certainly changed but her fans continue to wish her all the best with each passing year.

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