Photos Show Meghan In Canada Juggling 2 Dogs And Baby Archie While Harry Stays Busy In The UK

Date January 21, 2020

Meghan Markle is handling the mom's life completely on her own. And she sure is doing it gracefully.

Relocation to Canada

On January 8, Harry and Meghan shocked the world by announcing they would be splitting their time between the UK and North America, Canada to be precise.

They have made good on that announcement as shortly after this was revealed, Meghan returned to Canada while Prince Harry stayed back in the UK to carry out some of his royal duties.

It was reported that the royal family was initially blindsided by this announcement, but since then, they have become used to it. In fact, Her Majesty has released a statement of support for Harry and Meghan. So their plans to take residence in North America part-time is basically a done deal.

Speaking of which, Archie Harrison is apparently having a swell time in Canada. In a video, Prince Harry revealed that his son saw snow for the first time and found it to be "bloody brilliant." So we're sure that at least one person in the Sussex household is having a fabulous time there.

Meghan Markle and Archie spotted

If privacy was what Harry and Meghan hoped for with this move, they may be a little disappointed considering that photos of Meghan out and about in Canada have found their way to the internet.

The Duchess of Sussex was spotted taking a walk with her son Archie and the family dogs. In the pictures, Meghan braved the cold weather as she was completely covered in a dark-colored long-sleeved shirt, a pair of pants and a grey cap.

Even though his face was concealed, it was clear that baby Archie was protected from the cold with warming outfits as well.

Meghan flashed a smile at the cameras as they caught her walking the dogs while also holding her baby. It was immediately clear that the mom had her hands full. This might beg the question, why wasn't her husband there to assist her.

As it turned out, at around the same time the photos were taken, Prince Harry was still in the UK attending to official matters. Based on his Instagram update, he was at the UK-Africa Investment Summit, an event hosted by the UK Government.

Returning to his family

Pretty soon, Meghan Markle won't have to take these walks while handling her baby and the dogs on her own.

According to the Telegraph, the Duke of Sussex has now returned to Canada on Tuesday, to be reunited with his family.

Experts weigh in on 'Megxit'

The so-called 'Megxit' term has been used to describe Harry and Meghan's decision to ditch the royal family. What do experts say about it?

  • Royal commentator Alastair Bruce described the Sussexes' move as an "abdication," saying:

This is an ex-prince who is laying down all those royal trappings and those for his wife and son.

  • Royal expert Marlene Koenig felt like the royals and the UK, in general, deserved this, for lack of a better word, abandonment.

Meghan has not been made to feel welcome in the United Kingdom by virtue of the horrible press coverage.

  • Royal author Nigel Cawthorne believes this move will damage the royal family long term.

It is yet another dangerous instance where the palace looks out of touch with the young generation of Brits..

The royal family has indeed been through a lot in the past year. But one must not blame Harry and Meghan for making a decision they believe is best for their family. In the end, the goal of every person is to be happy and the Sussexes are determined to pursue this peaceful state of mind.

These photos prove that it will be completely impossible for them to stay out of the limelight altogether. But they also tell us the family is thriving in Canada so far. So let's wish them all the best as they build a different life for themselves.

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