Meghan Markle Secretly Honored Prince Harry And Baby Archie With A Stunning $238 Set Of Zodiac Necklaces During A Visit To The Broom Farm Community Center

Date November 22, 2019

In early November, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex paid a secret visit to military families at Broom Farm Community Center. But there was an interesting detail about Meghan Markle that day that was revealed weeks after the actual event.

Meghan Markle pays sweet tribute to her favorite boys

Canadian jewelry brand Suetables posted on their Instagram page about the Duchess of Sussex wearing their necklaces as a tribute to Prince Harry and their son Archie.

The brand wrote:

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, wearing our 'Shirley Zodiac’ to represent Prince Harry and a 'Vanessa Coin Zodiac' to celebrate baby Archie.

The Shirley necklace was dedicated to Harry who's a Virgo, while the Vanessa Coin piece honored Archie, who was born under a Taurus sign.

The necklace dedicated to Archie cost Meghan a bit more than the one honoring Harry. The Vanessa Coin retails for $159, while the Shirley piece goes for $79.

Royal fans melted at Meghan's gesture


So incredible! 💫💫 Gorgeous!


Fantastic, she has great taste💜


Amazing 😍😍😍


She has Beauty, brains and a good heart!


My beautiful duchess ❤️

What a cute way to honor Harry and Archie, don't you think?

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