Body-Positive Influencer Recreates Meghan Markle's Looks But Faces Criticism For Being A Plus Size

Date November 15, 2019

The body-positive advocate, Katie Sturino is known to recreate wardrobes of famous celebrities. She dons the exact clothes to prove that plus-sized women can also enjoy all sorts of fashion trends.

However, when Katie copied Meghan Markle, the criticism somehow doubled. Now, she's addressing the negativity in an attempt to bring change.

Recently, the influencer replicated the Duchess's most iconic looks that she debuted on her South African Tour. Katie totally rocked Meghan's trench-styled nude midi-dress. She aced it in the denim jacket as well. Her photoshoot in the black jumpsuit was indeed a hit!

Attacked by naysayers

Meghan Markle's been bashed for her skinny physique. But, her keen follower Katie is being fat-shamed. The activist shared all the harsh comments she receives on a daily basis. Sturino finds it scary how women are being shunned for what is almost normal in many countries.

The brutal commentators had called her a "Prius", "a school bus" and even "fat unemployed wannabe". Katie didn't reveal their names as she only aimed to make people realize how toxic it really is, not expose them. She wrote:

All this to say, please keep spreading positivity. Please keep shining bright. Please don’t engage with the crazies in the comments.

And added:

Nobody deserves to be spoken to like this, on or offline. We have work to do!!!!

She is a creative woman

Katie's skills don't end at just duplicating Meg's outfits, she can be Kate from Katie too. She recreated the Duchess of Cambridge's style and scored 10/10. Can you believe how gorgeous she looks in striped blouse and blue pants?

Hats off to Katie for bringing attention to the invisible epidemic. It is ruining the happiness of many women who think they've failed to be beautiful up to society's standard. Being obese might be unhealthy, but being mentally negative is for sure an illness.