No More Titles & More Details In The Queen's Final Statement Regarding Meghan Markle And Prince Harry

Date January 20, 2020

It is time to say a final goodbye to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — they are officially free from all royal duties.

It’s been a week since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made a bombshell announcement about quitting royalty for their own well-being. Though it was shocking for the royal family and fans, the Queen gathered all senior royals to decide the couple’s future once and for all.

Meghan Markle & Prince Harr’s royal titles

Kind-hearted, fair, and down-to-earth Queen Elizabeth II issued an official statement regarding her grandson and his wife over the weekend.

Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much-loved members of my family ... I want to thank them for all their dedicated work across this country, the Commonwealth, and beyond, and am particularly proud of how Meghan has so quickly become one of the family. It is my whole family’s hope that today’s agreement allows them to start building a happy and peaceful new life.

According to the official website, Her Majesty highlighted:

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will no longer use their title as they are not working members of the royal family.
  • The couple will not receive any public funds.
  • They intend to pay back $3.1 million taxpayers’ money for their Frogmore Cottage’s renovation.
  • Harry will not have official military appointments.
  • The couple will maintain their private associations and patronages.
  • The new model will begin in the Spring of 2020.

Prince Harry post-royal speech

It’s been heartbreaking times for Princess Diana’s youngerst son. Kensington Palace announced he would no longer have his Army career after a decade.

The couple will be happily representing the Queen if she kindly asks for, such as Trooping the Colour, her official birthday celebration. Yet, they will not work for her as before. Meghan and Harry will reportedly live in Canada and work on their own to be financially independent.

No matter how sad it is to know such news, we are aware that this difficult decision is for Meghan, Harry, and Archie’s happiness as a family. The couple has struggled a lot during two years in the royal family, and it’s understandable why they’ve decided to walk away, respectively. Good for them!

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