Husband To Rescue: Kate Middleton Almost Trips In High Heels But Prince William Instantly Reacts To Help His Wife

Date November 15, 2019

Earlier this week, Kate Middleton and Prince William paid a visit to the Troubadour White Theatre for a volunteer celebration event regarding their text crisis service Shout.

The mother-of-three made a stylish appearance in an elegant gray blazer, vivid plum-colored pants, and white blouse, and a stunning pair of black heels. Kate looked very simple yet classic and chic.

Kate Middleton & Prince William's PDA

Kate Middleton's high heels almost let her down when she had a near-miss, leaving the Troubadour White City Theatre in London. The 37-year-old was approaching a car to leave the royal engagement when she appeared to almost trip in her black heeled shoes, as she unexpectedly slipped out of a shoe.

Luckily, Prince William reacted instantly and was about to help his wife, but Duchess Catherine seemed to have appropriate reactions, too. The life partners only exchanged adorable looks while giggling at the funny side of the situation.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have recently shown some PDA in the public eye, gladdening royal fans with their uncommon affection and love.

All thanks to Prince Harry

Prince William and Kate Middleton's lovely looks, patting backs, and some other PDA moments have been evident lately. Body language expert Judi James reckons the future King may be inspired by his younger brother, who is known for constant affection situations with Meghan Markle. Ms. James said:

The couple might not simply be taking their lead from the intensely-tactile Harry and Meghan, but the way that the Sussex's PDAs have been positively received might just have allowed the normally super-formal and quite traditionally royal William to relax a little and show his affection for his wife more openly now and again.

Just as royal watchers, we love witnessing the royal couple's PDAs. It always spices things up and just proves that even royals can't deny their instincts about love and compassion.

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