Low-Key Kate Middleton Used A Secret Pub Entrance, Specifically-Designed For Former 'Bad Boy' Prince Harry, According To Reports

Date November 6, 2019

Over the weekend, Kate Middleton had a night out at the Hollywood Arms in Chelsea with her fellow school mums, having a break from royal duties and routine at home.

No pictures or any talks have been evident since Kate made sure they all were pretty secured from any cameras or attention while having a fun time at the local pub.

Kate Middleton & Prince Harry

Interestingly, the Duchess of Cambridge did not use the front door to enter the Hollywood Arms when she had a night out there. According to Daily Mail, she used Prince Harry's secret pub entrance that was specifically-designed to him when he was a 'bad boy' and a 'bachelor'.

Although Kate Middleton got used to living in a public view, she needs time for herself without it, too. Reportedly, such an entrance allowed the mum-of-three to enter the venue from a doorway in an alley behind the pub. It means she could avoid being photographed on her well-deserved night off from duties at work and family.

Prince William's sweetheart had an annual meet-and-greet drinks party held for parents of new students at Thomas's school in Battersea. So, no way Kate would miss such a low-key event to prove she is a regular mother.

No more bad Harry

The only thing that remained from the former 'bad boy' Prince Harry is this secret pub entrance. When Meghan Markle came along, she masterly changed his worst habits, which her husband acquired after his mother's death.

In particular, Meghan helped Harry to give up on drinking and smoking when he was partying very often. She also helped him stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Royals are just like us — they all need time off from royal duties, social media criticism, and public pressure. We can relate why Harry and Meghan want privacy, as well as why Kate and William need to have low-key outings, too.