Video: Princess Anne Shrugs At The Queen After Being Scolded For Not Greeting Donald Trump

Date December 4, 2019

Donald Trump is having a busy first week of December 2019. The American leader jetted off to the UK for a 2-day visit.

On December 4, Mr. Trump was welcomed at Buckingham Palace for the NATO leaders meeting to mark 70 years of the alliance.

Even though the meeting seemed to have a friendly air, Queen Elizabeth's daughter Princess Anne created quite a furor when she was scolded by her royal mother.

Queen and Princess Anne’s hilarious exchange

During the reception, Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth, shared a funny moment with the monarch.

The Queen and her eldest son, Prince Charles, were greeting Donald and Melania Trump when Her Majesty suddenly realized that Anne was not there.

The monarch looked at her daughter, who was literally standing in the corner, and appeared to make some kind of gesture to make her join the receiving line. Anne’s reaction to her mother’s call was simply priceless – she just shrugged.

The hilarious exchange was caught on camera:

Social media’s reactions

The video proves that in some ways, the royal family members are just like us and seeing the Queen scolding Princess Anne who just shrugged in response, like a typical teenager, made us smile.

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