Queen Embarrasses Prince Charles On His Birthday By Sharing Photo Of Him Wearing Cute Dress

Date November 15, 2019

On November 14, the royal family had an exciting occasion to celebrate. Prince Charles turned 71 and his royal relatives, as well as fans all over the world, paid sweet tributes to the future King. The Queen posted a hilarious photo of Prince Charles as a young child where the heir to the throne donned a pretty dress.

Prince Charles birthday 2019

The Queen commemorated her eldest son’s birthday with a baby photo of him that we haven’t seen before. The royal was away in India for an important visit but he still couldn’t get away from the embarrassment.

On the royal family’s official Instagram, the monarch shared 2 pictures of the heir to the throne. One of them showed Prince Charles in Scotland, looking all manly and serious. But the second photo showed the Prince as a baby wearing a very cute dress.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Prince Charles is indeed wearing a dress there! Baby photos traditionally are quite embarrassing anyway and we absolutely loved Charles’ one.

The Queen was not the only royal to congratulate the Prince. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared a sweet snap of the royal with his grandson, Prince Louis.

Meghan and Harry, as well as other members of the royal family, also sent their well-wishes. It seems like it was a lovely day for Charles. Well, except for the fact that now everyone has seen him in a dress.

Prince Charles