Masseuse Says Prince Andrew Put Buckingham Palace In Danger By Sneaking Her Into His Bedroom: "It Was So Easy To Get Into The Palace"

Date November 29, 2019

Prince Andrew's offices in Buckingham Palace will have to get a new location following his decision to take a step back from royal duties.

The Duke of York, whose charity project Pitch@Palace has always had its offices in the palace, will have to move elsewhere but this doesn't necessarily mark the end of the project. This announcement came shortly after his interview with the BBC.

According to CBS, there will be a period of transition which also includes a name change to Pitch as it's no longer affiliated with Buckingham Palace. The project was set up as a way to connect entrepreneurs with companies.

A massage therapist reveals all

A masseuse has opened up about Prince Andrew inviting her to Buckingham Palace in a way that breached its security and put the residents in danger.

Speaking to the DailyMail, Monique Giannelloni said that when she was invited to perform her services for Prince Andrew, she was taken all the way to his bedroom without being signed in or vetted.

This was her first time in the royal household and nobody knew who she was or her motives, Monique said.

Nobody checked my bag when I arrived or when I left. I certainly expected more stringent security checks.

She further added:

It was so easy to get into the palace and it troubled me because I could have been anyone.

Monique revealed that this invite took place in 2000 and she described how grand the whole thing was.

As I went along the hallway it was nothing but splendor. There were beautiful draped curtains and a plush carpet which ran along the middle of the hallway. There were gold-framed paintings of members of the royal family over the centuries and some beautiful vases on tables. It was all very grand and nothing I could ever have dreamed I would see.

She told the publication that she was directed to Prince Andrew's bedroom door where she met the Duke and carried out her massage services.

An explosive book?

Sounds like it's not just Monique that has something to say about Prince Andrew's secret dealings. His ex-girlfriend Lady Victoria Hervey is reportedly planning to pen a tell-all book detailing her experience with Queen Elizabeth's son.

This was revealed by sources who spoke to The Sun.

Big scandals sure have a way of encouraging people to come out of the woodworks to tell their sides of the story. Prince Andrew is facing major scrutiny right now and it's all thanks to the people he associated with. On where the truth really lies, only time will tell.

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