Prince Andrew Retires: Duke Told To Clear Out Buckingham Palace Office Amid Royal Scandal, Reports Say

Date November 25, 2019

As Prince Andrew retires from royal duties, there seem to be many questions about what this means and how it affects not just the Duke of York by the royal family in general.

Prince Andrew threw many people into a state of shock after he released a statement where he confirmed that he was retiring from his duties as a royal amid his connection with Jeffrey Epstein.

According to ITV, his retirement implies he will not return until he has been cleared of any wrongdoing. This also means that many of his royal-related charities will be put on hold until everything is sorted.

It's believed that Queen Elizabeth sanctioned her son's retirement following his BBC interview where he attempted to defend himself against the allegations levied at him.

Prince Andrew retires, booted from Buckingham Palace

Following Prince Andrew's retirement announcement, the Duke's charity office will be leaving its Buckingham Palace location.

A Palace spokesman told The Guardian that the Duke will continue working on his charity but it will take place outside the palace and will not be connected to his royal duties.

The spokesperson explained that this transition process will take place within "a period of time."

Formerly known as Pitch@Palace, the charity will now be simply known as Pitch and will be unaffiliated with the monarchy.

According to FoxNews, Prince Andrew's Buckingham Palace offices will possibly get a new venue following Queen Elizabeth's acceptance of his resignation and the slew of criticisms that the Duke has faced in the last few days.

Queen Elizabeth shows support to her son

News of Prince Andrew today has had people wondering if Her Majesty is really disappointed in him and what their relationship will be like amid all this.

The Queen, however, recently showed that she stood by her son when, two days after he announced his resignation, they were both spotted horseback riding together.

Her Majesty's decision to hang out with Andrew publicly could be indicated to mean that she was capable of separating her royal duties from her feelings as a mother.

Prince Andrew's current scandal has sparked outrage and curiosity among royal fans. And while it's possible that he will go through many changes in the coming weeks, it seems he can still count on his family, especially his mom, to offer love and support whenever required.

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