The Duke Of York, Who? Prince Andrew's "Entire Public Existence Has Been Wiped Out" After His Disgraced Retirement, According To A Historian

Date November 26, 2019 15:59

It's been a rough week so far for the disgraced Prince Andrew. After making a statement about his retirement from royal duties "for the foreseeable future," he had to remove his staff from Buckingham Palace, including his 'Pitch@Palace' charity.

Prince Andrew has been wiped out of royal history

Royal historian Robert Lacey spoke with PEOPLE about the ongoing controversy and says it seems like the Palace wants nothing to do with the Duke of York and is desperate to remove any association with him for the time being:

His entire public existence has been wiped out by his own behavior.

Lacey noted that the Queen and the rest of the royal family moved very quickly when it came to 'retiring' Prince Andrew:

[Palace's actions] shows that the royals can move very swiftly and very ruthlessly.

Looks like the monarchy didn't waste any minute after it came to saying goodbye to the Duke of York.

Prince William played a role in his uncle's 'sacking'

Interestingly, Prince William helped to convince Her Royal Highness that "sacking" Andrew was "the right thing to do," according to a source.

This shows that the Duke of Cambridge is expanding his responsibilities, it's just sad that it's happening under such unfortunate circumstances.

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