From Royal To Politician: Meghan Markle Could Pursue A Political Role In The US, Claims Royal Expert

Date November 8, 2019

Meghan Markle’s political inclination was visible at a very young age. The Duchess was only 11 years old when she made her first action as an activist.

Markle drew national attention when she wrote a letter to lawyer Gloria Allred and then-first lady Hillary Clinton, stating the unfairness of a commercial for Ivory dishwasher soap.

Since then, the Duchess has been involved in many charities and fought for women’s rights. Some people believe that even after becoming a royal, the former American actress won’t stop her pursuit of change.

Would Meghan Markle be the US’s new politician?

One filmmaker believes that the Duchess, who became the first biracial American in the British royal family, will think about expanding her royal role to the political heights.

Nick Bullen, who has been creating programs about the British royal for almost 20 years, believes that Markle might be in for a political position in the future. He told Fox News:

Meghan is rewriting the royal rule book and her desire to bring about change… She’s determined to make a difference. I could see her going down that route because she’s not going to stop with just being the Duchess of Sussex.

Bullen thinks that the era of Meghan Markle has just started and we will see much more from her in the future. He continued:

There’s much more to Meghan and I think we’re only just beginning to see the early days of what Meghan Markle will really do now that she has this global platform.

However, royal fans disagree with Nick

The Duchess of Sussex is known for her desire to help those in need and for her powerful speeches on gender and racial equality. We are looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for her!

Meghan Markle