Queen Elizabeth May Retire Soon To Let Prince Charles Ascend The Throne And Start New Era, Reports Claim

Date November 28, 2019

Previously, a former royal butler stated that Prince Charles will never become a King because when the Queen passes away, the monarchy will face a major shakeup.

However, some royal experts believe that Queen Elizabeth will retire soon and allow her eldest son to take her place on the throne.

Prince Charles might become a King soon

According to royal correspondent Robert Jobson, the 93-year-old monarch is considering stepping down from her duties. It is believed that the Queen will hand over the reign to her son in 2 years.

At 95, she will be the same age as her royal husband, Prince Phillip, when he officially retired from his royal duties. It was said:

I understand the Queen has given the matter considerable thought and believes that, if she is still alive at 95, she will seriously consider passing the reign to Charles.

The royal succession rules state that the monarch can’t retire without abdication but if her health gets worse, she can be relieved from all her royal responsibilities and duties. If such a situation occurs, a regent would take her place.

Prince Charles holds the second position in the succession line so he would likely become the Queen’s regent and take over his mother’s duties until she passes away and he becomes King.

Charles has already shown that he is capable of running the family when he played a key role in his younger brother Prince Andrew’s removal after the Duke’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein was revealed.

Social media’s reactions

Not long ago another royal expert said that The Queen will give Prince Charles a new title but will not abdicate the throne. No matter what people are suggesting would happen, it’s evident that the Queen can’t go on forever but when Charles ascends the throne we can expect a new era in monarchy to begin.

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