Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne And Other Celebs Who Think Meghan & Harry Disrespected Monarchy

Date January 22, 2020

As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry start their life in Canada, the former actress’ estranged father Thomas is condemning their decision, saying that they are destroying and cheapening the monarchy. And he’s not the only one who thinks that they made the wrong choice.

Piers Morgan and other celebs on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s exit

Piers Morgan is among those people who don’t particularly like the Sussex couple. The British journalist spoke out unfavorably about them before and he isn’t going to keep quiet now.

In his new runt, Piers Morgan called Prince Harry ‘pathetic’ and added that the Sussexes had a choice to ‘do his royal duty’ like the rest of the royal family, instead of ‘whining’ about the difficulties they have experienced.

The British politician Nigel Farage also had a few words to say about the couple. Just like Morgan, Farage noted that the royal pair had ‘another option,’ which is to carry on their royal life. He also noted that he feels like Harry and Meghan let everyone down and left the monarchy damaged.

Sharon Osbourne joined in, too, but she had a slightly different opinion. The TV personality said that she understands the couple’s decision, yet she thinks that they should have waited with it. She said:

The Queen has said that within the next 18 months she’s going to retire, which means that Harry‘s dad, Prince Charles will be King. So, you know what, you wait until the Queen’s retired.

However, they are people who support the couple

Not everyone is completely against the Sussexes. British actor Hugh Grant announced 'he is ‘on Prince Harry’s side’ during one of his interviews.

He commented:

I’m rather on Harry’s side I have to say. The tabloid press effectively murdered his mother. Now they’re tearing his wife to pieces. I think, as a man, it’s his job to protect his family, so I’m with him.

The ginger royal tried to explain his and his wife’s decision in his recent speech, saying that they simply had to step down as there was no other option for them.

So the pair is now left with:

  • no HRH titles;
  • very little support from the royal fans.

To be fair, we can understand Harry and Meghan’s position but we also can understand why it’s so difficult for other people to accept it. It’s quite an unprecedented situation and hardly anyone knows how to navigate it in a way that could make everyone involved happy. Nonetheless, it’s not the end of the world and the royal family survived worse things so it will do it again this time, too.

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