Thomas Markle’s Interview: His Current Relationship With Ex-Wife Doria And Emotional Message To Prince Harry

Date January 28, 2020

Thomas Markle made several surprising revelations in his brand new interview with Piers Morgan. What did Mr. Markle say this time about his daughter Duchess Meghan and her husband Prince Harry? Let’s find out.

Thomas Markle’s Interview: His Current Relationship With Ex-Wife Doria And Emotional Message To Prince HarryGetty Images / Ideal Image

Meghan Markle: Thomas Markle speaks out

  • Duchess Meghan’s father Thomas Markle is known for saying not-so-pleasant things about his daughter since she became a member of the royal family.
  • In his interview with US Weekly, Mr. Markle said he feels “disappointed” about Meghan and Harry’s announcement to quit as senior royals.
  • In another interview with Alaska TV/Channel 5, Thomas accused Meghan of ditching the royal family for money.

He said:

It looks like she’s tossing that away for money. It’s kind of embarrassing to me.

Thomas Markle’s interview

Earlier this week, Thomas Markle spoke out again in an interview with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. By the way, royal watchers know that Piers Morgan is a big ‘fan’ of Meghan Markle. The TV presenter never misses a chance to say something ‘nice’ about the Duchess of Sussex.

In the course of the interview, Piers asked Thomas about his current relationship with his ex-wife and Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland.

Thomas replied:

I left a couple of letters for her. She didn’t respond back. No! We had no conversation. Obviously, she is avoiding me or has been told to avoid me.

Then, Thomas Markle said that his only desire amid all this drama is to have a chance to see his grandson, baby Archie Harrison. We need to remind that Mr. Markle still hasn’t met his grandchild since his birth.

Thomas also mentioned his daughter’s throwback letter to him and the possibility of meeting Meghan face-to-face in a court.

When Thomas was asked whether he agrees that his daughter Meghan has been racially bullied after becoming the Duchess, Mr. Markle said he was not buying that as he saw no signs of bullying in relation to her.

Finally, Piers asked Thomas what would be his “message to Prince Harry if he’s watching this interview”.

Mr. Markle replied:

Man up and fly down to see me!

Thomas Markle and Prince Harry

In the past, Thomas Markle said many harsh things not only about his daughter Meghan but about her husband Prince Harry too.

Days before the royal wedding, Mr. Markle told Daily Mail that he had a very unpleasant phone talk with his daughter’s then-husband-to-be and even called Harry “rude.”

However, Thomas confessed that once he lied to Prince Harry. It happened when Harry asked him about whether Thomas’ paparazzi photos in a wedding suit on the eve of Meghan and Harry’s big day were taken on purpose. At first, Mr. Markle denied this fact but then confessed that he, indeed, cooperated with a paparazzi photographer to take the shots.

Our opinion

If you ask us, Thomas Markle can lose his last chance to reunite with his estranged daughter due to his constant ‘revelations’ about the Duchess in the press.

Thomas admits he just wants to see his grandson. Ok, but does he really think that Harry and Meghan will let him do it after all the bad things he said in the past and keeps saying now?! We really doubt that the Sussexes will allow Thomas to meet baby Archie if he continues to act this way.

The only chance for Thomas Markle to reconnect with Meghan is to say how much he’s sorry for all his harsh interviews with multiple tabloids. As an adult man and a father, we think it’s Thomas who should make the first step and put an end to this ‘Markle vs Markle battle’. And what is your opinion?

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