Archbishop Of Canterbury Justin Welby Defends Meghan Markle From Public Bashing, Says Being A Royal Is A "Life Sentence"

Date November 28, 2019 17:00

Meghan Markle's news has ignited the interest of royal fans since it was revealed that she would become Prince Harry's wife. And when the royal wedding came along, who better to oversee the event than Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Not only did he join Harry and Meghan in holy matrimony, but he has also been a major voice in defense of the royal couple.

A couple of months ago, in an interview with The Sunday Times, Welby defended the Sussexes' decision to take a six-week break from royal duties.

The Archbishop said that the royal family was under a lot of pressure and they clearly needed to take some time away from all that.

Meghan Markle News: Archbishop of Canterbury defends the Duchess

During a recent interview with BBC's Radio Five Live, Welby discusses a wide range of issues including the Duchess of Sussex.

On the intense scrutiny faced by Meghan Markle, the archbishop implied that it could be racially-motivated.

I would obviously be immensely concerned about all racist behavior and, particularly when it's someone you know, you just think this is so totally undeserved.

He described the royal mom as a "remarkable person" with "profound humanity" and "deep concern" for people. Then he went on to discuss the pressures of the role of being a royal family member.

They are born into it and one of the things, with the great privilege of meeting someone of them, that I'm most aware of is their sheer sense of duty and commitment which means they know this is a life sentence.

Welby added that even if they stopped being royals, the scrutiny would not cease as they would still be hounded by people wanting to know every detail of their lives.

He bemoaned the "horrible" behavior of some people towards the royal family and he added that he felt a "deep sympathy" for what they go through.

I actually think people who put themselves out on the firing line like that are very brave and we may disagree with them but we shouldn't abuse them.

In support of Meghan

Many people agreed with Justin Welby's words and expressed that enough is enough with the Meghan-bashing.


Agree, the bullying is completely ridiculous now. Very immature behavior.


Thank you, Archbishop of Canterbury, for telling the truth. This couple rises above all the racism and malicious people that live to hate them.


The Archbishop knows Meghan and that says a lot, his opinion is not based on what he reads in the media about Meghan.


He's right. So many Brits can't stand the idea of a woman of colour in their Royal Family. Meghan is a Queen. Rock on!


He's absolutely correct and she's an adorable, loving, wife and mother. All you bitter ones out there need to lighten up and chill. You're lucky to have her.

Meghan herself has opened up about the pain of being constantly criticized and it was nice of the archbishop to stand up for her. Sometimes, it's easy to judge public figures without really knowing them but we have to remember they are humans too and they deserve compassion.

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