Duchess Camilla Will Not Be With Prince Charles On His Birthday Amid Reports Of Health Issues

Date November 13, 2019

People are quite concerned about Camilla Parker Bowles' latest news after it was reported that she was battling a chest infection.

According to Reuters, Prince Charles' wife was forced to cancel her upcoming events after she was advised by doctors to take some time off because she fell ill with a chest infection.

A spokesperson for the royal couple shared this news with the publication and revealed that the 72-year-old Duchess ended up canceling a dinner at the London Library. However, she seemed to be doing much better days later when she joined the rest of the royal family during the Remembrance Day activities.

Prince Charles' solo trip

According to Express, Prince Charles has set out for India for a solo trip and he will be there for two days. The heir to the British throne will spend November 13 and 14 there which means he will mark his 71st birthday away from home and away from his wife, Camilla.

Royal fans wondered if Camilla's ailment is the reason why she didn't join her husband on this trip but reports show that this seems unlikely.

Prince Charles' short trip to India was announced weeks before Camilla fell ill and it was already clear that he would be going alone. So it's possible the couple were prepared for being far away from each other on his birthday.

Nevertheless, it has been reported that Camilla will join her husband a few days later in New Zealand on November 17.

Reason for Prince Charles' trip

According to Clarence House updates, the Prince of Wales' visit to India is all about participating in engagements to "celebrate British-Indian connections."

It was revealed that he will focus on such topics as climate change, sustainable market, and social finance on this tour.

While news of Camilla's illness worried fans, it doesn't sound like her health issues kept her from being with her husband on his birthday. Sometimes, duties come first and the Prince of Wales simply had to take this trip. But the good news is that the royal couple will reunite in only a matter of days.

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