Meghan Markle's Half-Sister Samantha Admits Cyberbullying Is "Overwhelming" As She Laments Over Being Slammed Online

Date November 7, 2019

Meghan Markle's sister has been quite vocal about the Duchess of Sussex since her engagement to Prince Harry was revealed.

Technically, Samantha Markle is Meghan Markle's half-sister as they have the same dad but different mothers. Many may only know her as Meghan's outspoken half-sibling but she has been in the entertainment industry since 1984 where she has worked as a broadcaster, actress, producer, newscaster, and writer.

In recent times, Samantha has become one of the Duchess of Sussex's harshest critics as she has slammed the royal for not being there for her family.

Meghan Markle's half-sister is feeling the heat of cyberbullying

One might argue that Samantha has been doing a lot of cyberbullying herself but she recently revealed that being on the receiving end was really tough.

During an interview with FOX 13's Josh Cascio, Samantha was asked about how she was coping with being slammed online and she replied:

It can be overwhelming.

Samantha said she constantly felt like a target as some hateful people online would share her private information including her address and social security info. The trolls would also threaten her and lash out at her online.

She admitted that while she was critical of Meghan a few times, the Duchess' fans took things to "an unacceptable level."

There are also people who are mentally unstable who take it to an irrational level; threats and spending their time, around the clock, obsessing about me.

Samantha said she wished people could "agree to disagree" and that even if they didn't like what she had to say, that doesn't mean they had the right to harass her through online mediums.

Online reactions

In reaction to Samantha's appeal, many commenters couldn't help but point out that she got what she deserved.

They mentioned the irony of her complaining about being bullied when she was doing the same to her half-sister, Meghan.

While supporters of the Duchess of Sussex may feel justified in going after Samantha for what she said about the royal, an eye for an eye in this case probably isn't best. In the end, Samantha is human too and hurtful words will also hit her hard. Perhaps people can learn to be kinder.

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