She Has No Filter! Katie Hopkins Insults Meghan Markle Saying What Duchess “Really Thinks” Of Prince Andrew

Date November 29, 2019

Katie Hopkins’ dislike of Meghan Markle is almost palpable. The English media personality has often openly criticized the Duchess and even Meghan’s words about her struggle with media and royal life didn’t stop Hopkins.

Previously, she mocked the royal for wishing to leave the UK for winter holidays, twisting Meghan’s words and claiming that the Duchess ‘would rather spend Christmas with Beyoncé than the royal family.’

But it was just the beginning. Now Katie is attacking Markle again and this time fans think she crossed the line.

Katie Hopkins on Meghan Markle

Katie Hopkins launched another insult at the Duchess of Sussex. Tying her hair in Meghan’s signature bun, she recorded a video about the former American actress’ supposed reaction to Prince Andrew’s scandalous interview.

In the video, which Hopkins posted on her social media platforms, she says that Meghan’s life is ‘so difficult’ as she ‘only has 2 drivers and 3 nannies’ and now it’s even more difficult because of Prince Andrew.

She said, impersonating Markle:

I’m mortified. I was gonna hide under the kitchen table but when I went Prince Harry, or as I call him my Golden Ticket, he was already under the table because he finds the UK very difficult.

Hopkins also mocked Meghan’s legal actions against the media and her and Harry’s wish to have only 2 children.

Social media’s reactions

Hopkins’ insensitive words don’t even seem to be funny anymore and the social media users want her to stop talking about Meghan. We hope she listens to them and gets on with her own life.

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