Queen Doesn’t Like Meghan & Harry’s Approach To Media But She Keeps Visiting Them In Hope To Heal The Family's Rift, Reports Say

Date November 14, 2019

Meghan Markle and the Queen have forged a very close relationship. Royal expert Ingrid Seward even went as far as to claim that the monarch has a stronger bond with Meghan than with Kate Middleton whom she knows for longer.

Even though it sounds like something very hard to believe in, the Queen has become a very frequent visitor of the Sussex couple’s new home.

The monarch is trying to help Meghan and Harry

According to The Daily Express report, the Queen often drives to the Sussex couple’s Frogmore cottage to help them deal with the intense amount of criticism from the press and cope with the pressures of royal life.

It’s been said that Meghan and Harry declined the monarch’s invitation to spend Christmas at Sandringham with her and other royals, fueling the rumors about the rift inside the royal family.

However, the 93-year-old ruler is trying to make peace and heal the past rifts to bring the family back together. Even though she disagrees with the way Meghan and Harry decided to deal with the media, she still offers them as much support and guidance as she can.

Fans’ comments


The Queen has always favored Harry so it makes perfect sense that she'd be visiting them often. She also gets along with Meagan far better than Kate whom we rarely if ever see them chatting. I have yet to see the queen look upset with Meagan.

@The Grey Knight:

A fascinating revelation. Indeed this and other evidence does seem to suggest that Queen Elizabeth is preparing Meghan for the throne at some point in the not too distant future.


Archie is so damn cute and alert I would be visiting him all the time if I was his grandma! Need more of Archie.

@Holland S:

I bet she does visit her family members. Shes old and they are her family. She cant just watch TV all day or read.

@Denise Newcastle:

Great that they have such a lovely relationship with the queen

The Queen grew up with strong family values so it’s not surprising that she tries to do her best to make sure her family is as close as it can be. We just hope that Meghan and Harry’s decision to spend Christmas in the US won’t worsen their relationship with other royal family members.

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