Fans Blast Kate Middleton For Skipping Royal Event Last Minute Because Of Issues With Kids: What If Meghan Did That!

Date November 22, 2019

Kate Middleton had to cancel her recent engagement with William due to issues with kids. But some social media users claim that was not an excuse to neglect her royal duties.

Kate canceled her engagement due to issues with kids

On Thursday, Prince William and Kate Middleton were scheduled to attend the Tusk Conservation Awards together. The Cambridges confirmed their appearance beforehand.

However, on Thursday evening, it was revealed that William would attend the event solo because Kate had to stay at home with their kids.

A source of the royal family reported that Duchess Catherine had to skip the engagement “due to the children.” The source didn’t clear up the issues with royal kids. We just hope George, Charlotte, and little Louis are doing fine.

Fans’ reaction

Surprisingly, but some fans didn’t find ‘kids’ issues’ a good excuse for the Duchess to skip her royal duties. Some social media users even wrote that if Meghan Markle did this, she'd asked to give up her title.

We really can’t get it how people can write such things?! Kate Middleton proved that her children are her major priority. Every mother would do the same in the Duchess’ place! What do you think?

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