Her Miscarriage Was Influenced By The Family Tragedy: Queen Sonja Of Norway Opened Up About Her Child Loss

Date June 13, 2018

Queen Sonja of Norway opened up about her miscarriage almost 50 years ago. She lost her baby boy unexpectedly just two years after getting married to the future King Harald.

Norwegian royals

The future royal family spent almost ten years to receive King Olav’s consent to get married. The happy couple tied the knot in 1968 but evoked disputes among the Norwegians about Harald marrying a commoner. Luckily, Sonja got accepted by the public very soon when they understood that the future king chose the right lady.

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Just in five years, the couple welcomed two children – Princess Märtha Louise, born on 22 September, 1971, and Crown Prince Haakon, born on 20 July, 1973. However, those weren’t the first kids the family was expecting for.

Tragic miscarriage

Just two years after the marriage, Sonja was already pregnant and waiting for her baby boy to come very soon. Unfortunately, the world didn’t see the throne successor that year. On June 2, 1970, the delighted couple was resting on the board of yacht with Sonja being halfway to her labor. The doctors didn’t predict any troubles, so when she awoke to cramps and bleeding, the family got scared a lot.


They rushed to Fredrikstad Central Hospital on the mainland, but it was too late – Sonja and Harald lost their first-born. Today, the Queen says her family’s support helped her live through the devastating experience:

My father-in-law, King Olav, was among the first to visit me in hospital, as was my own mother, Dagny Haraldsen, who gave me the great strength at the time of need.

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Probable reason

Sonja didn’t reveal the reason for the miscarriage, but very possibly, her sister’s preceding suicide influenced her mental condition, which led to the horrible outcome.


Gry was 46 when she decided to end her life. She was married twice and left her four children half-orphans. Doctors wanted Sonja to distract from the terrible family tragedy, but it turned out the Queen wasn’t able to perceive the news peacefully.

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